Basement lighting ideas – LED pot lights installation and layout tips

Like a director making a movie, when you are planning a new design for your basement, lighting is an important consideration. You want to showcase all the work you will be doing and make sure your space is ready for its “close up”. Just like shooting a movie, however, lighting choice and placement can make or break an otherwise perfect design performance. Do you install LED pot lights or do you use spot lighting? Be sure to investigate your options at great retailers like Lumen Lighting, and consider these basement lighting ideas when shopping:

What is the mood you are trying to create?
Most basements benefit from space-saving recessed pot lighting, but there are other options. Accent lighting, such as spotlight or track lighting, will focus attention on a particular spot you want to accentuate, like photographs or artwork. Diffused warm light will create a sophisticated atmosphere perfect for entertaining, and adjustable lights turned down to a low level with the addition of candles can make any space romantic.

Think of the best basement lighting layout
Aside from the amount of light you want, you can do cool things with layout. Though the installation is more costly to install, waves of pot lights and figures eights are a sight to behold.
Do you need brighter lights to use a space effectively? Sconce stair lighting is a great way to tastefully light the way down into your new basement.
Think about all aspects of how you plan to be using the room and build it into your light design.

Layering Light
Different fixtures offer different benefits, so think about the big picture when imagining your new space. A single fixture can’t do everything, so be sure to plan how multiple fixtures (whether they are sconces, ceiling lights, or floor lamps) are going to integrate and complement each other in your space. Decorative lighting like a chandelier might be the star of the room, but well-placed wall sconces can set the stage.

Lumens and Watts
Lumens measure how powerful you perceive a light level. Watts are a measurement of power usage. Low wattage, high lumen light from an energy efficient bulb will seem brighter than a fixture using a higher watt incandescent bulb with a lower lumen level.

Eco-Friendly Lighting Options
Lighting can burn upwards of 25% of the average homes electric bill, but new high-efficiency fixtures and bulbs have opened up a lot of options. Consider using Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL), which have come a long way since they were first introduced. Fitting in standard lamp sockets, these bulbs can now replicate the warmer light of an incandescent bulb. Another alternative is light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs, which are extremely energy efficient. Both options, though more expensive to purchase, will save you money exponentially through longer life and lower energy usage if you purchase good quality bulbs. You can also feel good, knowing you are helping to lower your carbon footprint.

Research Your Lighting Options Online
Researching your lighting design options will help you to visualize your new space, whatever your design sensibility. I recommend Lumen Lighting as a great place to start, they can show you a ton of options for making your space gorgeous. There is a lot to consider when thinking about lighting and the design of your new basement. Taking a little time to plan for this important element will payoff many times over, and definitely increase your enjoyment of your new space.